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Want to reach the right Target Market? DCD is your answer.

A target market is a specific group of buyers on whose needs and wants a company focuses its marketing efforts. Together with our research team and database lists of consumers, DCD will find your niche audience. We will target them utilizing the following factors:
  • Demographics Age, gender, income, ethnicity, occupation, religion, race, social class, family size;

  • Psychographics Lifestyles, interests, opinions, behavior, perceptions and attitudes;

  • Geographics Zip codes, city, county and state size, terrain, climate, region, urban, suburban, rural; natural resources;

  • Behavioristic Variables Volume usage, benefit expectations, brand loyalty.

Accurate target market selection is crucial to productive marketing efforts. Products and even companies sometimes fail because marketers do not identify appropriate customer groups at which to aim their efforts. Organizations that try to be all things to all people rarely satisfy the needs of any customer group very well. Identification and analysis of a target market provide a foundation on which a marketing mix can be developed.